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Victoria "VAthaBossChick" Glover is a Songwriter, Film Producer, Director, Vlogger, Podcast Host, Businesswoman, and Entrepreneur: CEO of U No Entertainment LLC. She started her career as a hip-hop artist but not solely as a Hip Hop artist but as a chameleon that has weathered many of life’s storms. Through music and film, she shares her story with the world. Her musical and visual stories paint portraits of sunshine, rain, money, power, and respect... Respect well deserved as a businesswoman, wife, and mother of three.


VA was raised by her grandmother due to her mother's drug addiction and absent father. Her grandmother not only raised her but her brother, many of her cousins, neighbors, and family friends as well. So, her grandmother's house was always full says VA. "For as long as I can remember that's how it always was. My granny never turned anyone away. She helped everybody." says VA. But then there was the downside of her helping everyone without work.



At a very young age, VA gained a close and personal glance at the lives of hustlers, dealers, and users by way of her grandmother's house. Because of this VA; age 10, as well as other family members, were taken into foster care. She was later released to her aunt Kathy but eventually found her way back to her grandmother. Moving around with different family members VA recalls living with her aunt Betty, whom VA looked up to as a good role model. VA says, "sometimes I used to wish that I never left her house. She taught me a lot. Plus she always went the extra mile with her caring. For example, she studied with me so I was always an AB student when I was with her. She also didn't just teach me responsibility, but she showed me as well. I truly feel that if I would've stayed with her that I would've become that lawyer I initially wanted to be."  VA goes on to say that she started to feel hopeful about life during that time. She even started writing poetry as an outlet of expression to deal with the weight she was going through emotionally. By the age of 13, her poetry evolved into a love and passion for music after listening to Hip Hop artist, Foxy Brown. This was when she named herself 22. VA says, "I gave myself that name because I was feeling so much anger and hurt back them from my mother and father's abandonment. I looked at myself Iike a young gun ready to go off at any moment. By the age of 15, her uncle Black Bird caught wind of her skills and took her under his wing. He introduced her to different music producers, funded her studio sessions, and was very instrumental in her signing with Diron Records; an independent record company in Columbia, SC. Even though she wasn't with the label long enough to release her own album VA says, "it was an experience I value. I learned a lot about recording, artist development and I had a whole lot of fun with my labelmates." A few years later she and a few of her high school friends formed a group, Drama City. It was at this point that her rap moniker changed from 22 to her initials VA. VA says, "working with Drama City was short-lived as well because life happened and we slowly parted but it was a great experience. I made good music with great friends."


In 2001 she experienced the loss of her first child at age 17. “I never really dealt with the loss of my first child. I just added it to the rest of my pain and did my best to keep moving forward. Well, that was until later in life when it all hit me at once.” Shortly after at age 18, she moved into her 1st place. She was working a 9 to 5 trying to do the right thing but ended up losing her job because of a mistake. VA says, "I told myself, your independent now and ain't no going back."  Just like that due to circumstance, she found herself a part of the very hustle she’d seen earlier in life. However between then and 2005 she had a lot of major life changes. She got pregnant in a relationship that didn't last and birth a baby boy; Tobias in 2002, almost a year later she met and fell in love with her now husband; Derrick in 2003 and she also started back working on her music. VA’s hunger to succeed propelled her to start her own record label, You Know Entertainment (later changed to U No Entertainment LLC). Both street smart and business savvy, VA sold over seven thousand copies of her first mixtape, Chill With A Boss summer 2005. At this time VA had started getting booked for shows every week. From selling drugs to performing at car shows and club events throughout the Carolina VA was making her mark as a young boss chick, which is how she got her name "VAthaBossChick". 

In 2006 she gave birth to another baby boy, Dorian, and married Derrick. Life was great and everything was working in their favor. Until early 2008 when VA found herself behind bars facing 5 accounts of assault with intent to kill after a shoot out in her neighborhood. VA says, "I wasn't looking for trouble but it found me when it threatened the life of my husband and kids. My back was against the wall so I did what I had to do to protect my family and to survive. The Lord was with me though, just as he always it. Shortly after I was able to get all charges dismissed. Pushing forward to late 2008 VA moved to Atlanta, GA to further her music career. She landed a feature from Young Dro for, "I'm Dope" but her first single was "Star". Star video aired on MTV Jams as well as the song on many digital and radio platforms. VA made many magazine appearances and won the 2009 South Carolina Music Award for Female Hip Hop Artist Of The Year and Best Video Of The Year for “Star“. While in Atlanta VA found herself writing a series and other films that she had no idea she would revisit later to actually film herself. 


In 2011 she started focusing on her R&B artist at the time, Christou. In late 2011 she was blessed with her first professional recording studio for them to produce music. Being the hustler that she is VA turned it into a business and titled it U No Recording Studio, a DBA of U No Entertainment. In need of visuals for her artist with no real budget, VA decided to start learning film. She shot her artist as well as other artists' music videos. By the end of 2012 she started the filming for her feature film; "Money, Power And Fame", which starred her artist at the time, Christou. VA says. "The movie was so trash but I gave it all I had at the time lol. I also have a lot of great memories that I'll never forget with the cast and crew."


Making the decision to separate her film from the music she started "U No Vision", a DBA filming company of U No Entertainment. Her first release was "Money Power And Fame" in 2013. After that came more: her "Lost Tapes" mixtape in February 2014, her 2nd film, "It Was All A Dream" in 2015, in which she starred, a film collection; "Book Of Non-Fictions" in 2016, "Really?! On Valentine's Day" film February 2016, an urban talk show; "The Underground TV" January 2017, "Heart-Print" Mixtape May 2017 and United in 2018. She also landed a role in Bibleway Church of Atlas Road's web series as a doctor’s wife.


VA says “I want to bring all my visions to life and change lives in a positive way. I want to take my company; U No Entertainment to its highest peak and leave behind a great legacy". It’s evident that she has arrived in the entertainment industry to make her mark in history as only a true Boss Chick can.

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